Urban Gardening Help

Urban landscapes are often viewed as barren and cold scenes of concrete, asphalt and glass. They are portrayed as the opposite of the rural pastoral setting, rich in vegetation and greenery. However, in the biggest city, in the tiniest apartment, there exists the possibility to reconnect with the natural world through gardening.

Your urban home or apartment does not have to exist as a lifeless box of concrete. Nor do you have to give up the advantages of a big-city metropolitan lifestyle to take pleasure in the joys of gardening.

Whether you plant herbs in a window box, maintain a large flower garden in your backyard, or grow veggies in large outdoor planters or participate in a local community garden, you can garden in the big city. Additionally, the simple act of planting a small flower garden, a tree, or vegetables helps the environment and instills more pride in your community. Even if you aren’t an avid gardener, you can still get involved in local gardening and urban agricultural projects such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). 

Urban gardening and urban agriculture are ideas that are becoming increasingly important as our world becomes more urbanized and developers transform agriculturally fertile lands and open spaces into sprawling suburbs. This site is dedicated to those environmentally-conscious urban dwellers who want to create a green corner devoted to nature in their own home, or who want to support community-based gardening or agriculture projects in their neighborhood.

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