Urban Rainwater Collection

As the cost of water in cities is one the rise, many ecologically-minded gardeners are exploring options to reduce their municipal water use. A great way to help the environment and reduce your water bills is through collecting rainwater. You can design a simple water catchment system for your garden, or you can invest in a larger system and a filter to get potable water from your rain barrels.

Rain barrels make an inexpensive and easy way to collect natural rainwater for your yard, garden or houseplants.

As a general rule, the type of container you use is important as well the surface you’re collecting your water from, as water quality can be an issue. You’ll probably want to contact your city’s health department to see if there are any sources of pollution near your home that may affect the quality of the rainwater in your area. Rain Barrel Guide is a great site with lots of useful information for people interested in urban rainwater collection.

Want to learn more about Rainwater Collection?

Tank Town is a rainwater collection supply company in Texas Hill County. They consult with do-it-yourselfers to offer supplies and support for rainwater collecting. They have a book and video for sale on rainwater collection techniques, as well as an FAQ section and a list of links to related web sites.

Rainwater Connection  is a rainwater collection and harvesting company in British Columbia, Canada. Their website contains an explanation of rain water collection and a link list. They install rainwater collection systems and have a myriad of related supplies.

WikiHow has a step by step instruction for installing a rainwater collection system. It comes complete with a series of photographs detailing each step in the installation process and important tips along the way.

YouTube has a number of videos detailing and demonstrating rainwater collection system. The link shows a step by step slide show showing a the steps to install a collection system.

HarvestH2O has a detailed website with a number of articles on topics related to rainwater catchment systems. It advocates the safe and eco-friendly collection of rainwater to help reduce costs and combat water scarcity.

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